i-DareU Academy

i-DareU Academy is our Academic Center for scholar athletes where we provide ACT/SAT preparation, financial literacy, life skills classes, mentoring, guest lectures, seminars and study groups.

ACT/SAT Preparation

i-DareU has expanded the ACT/SAT preparation for our scholar athletes by strengthening their core, which is the foundation for all standardized testing.  We provide our scholar athletes with a fun, interactive way of learning and retaining the concepts, formulas and facts that matter in Math, Science, History and English through Koolriculum.


Koolriculum is a culturally responsive, technology driven, Hip Hop music centered curriculum for students in grades Pre-K through 12. The K-12 curriculum contains instructional content in English, Mathematics, Social Studies and Science.  All lessons developed for the K-12 curriculum were created from songs that align themselves with the National Common Core Standards.

KOOLRICULUM fills a void among the current curricular materials available by providing a conduit in which youth from culturally and contextually different backgrounds (different from those in which traditional schools were designed) are able to utilize items that are of interest to them in popular culture (technology and Hip Hop music). KOOLRICULUM rekindles their desire to engage and learn. i-DareU uses this learning aid to reinforce the core curriculum taught during school and enhance ACT/SAT preparation.

Financial Literacy Program (CHANGE THE GAME)

1.5 million people in the US filed for bankruptcy; GA is the 3rd largest state for bankruptcy filings at ~74,000; yet, there is no formal financial literacy training in high school. i-DareU’s goal is to break the cycle of economic poverty that our scholar athletes face by empowering them with practical foundational skills and helping them to manage their financial futures

CHANGE THE GAME provides behavioral-changing financial education to get young people versed in concepts such as needs vs. wants, budgeting, living within your means, saving, investing, planning for big purchases or life events, credit, debt, check book management and an understanding of various types of business entities.

Bridge DA Gap Life Skills Program

i-DareU utilizes BRIDGE DA GAP to enhance the social-emotional development of our scholar athletes in the areas of character building principles, life skills and self-regulation.

BRIDGE DA GAP contains life stories/practical application solutions about topics/skills that directly impact the social-emotional and physical well being of youth. Topics include:  Inner Confidence (honesty, pride, dignity); Influences (friends/peers, music, people, family, media); Self-Control/Self-Management; Individual Responsibility; Death; Drugs/Alcohol; Self-Esteem and Self- Determination; Peer Pressure; Anger; Gang Violence; Nutrition/Exercise/Physical Health; Decision-making; and Goal Setting

The “5th Quarter Initiative” (i-DareU College Students)

Most athletes have dreams of making it to the majors—the big league—of being a professional athlete.  The reality is less than 2% of all college athletes make it to the pros, with the exception of baseball (~12%) according to the NCAA.

Whether our i-DareU college scholar athletes make it to the majors or not, i-DareU still prepares them for the future; therefore, we continue to monitor and support our college scholar athletes through training and mentoring. In this program, we incorporate additional services such as media training, internships and interviewing, through partnerships, for a smooth transition from college into their professional careers.

Parenting Series

I-DareU hosts a series of seminars to provide our parents with information about the college recruiting process.  The Four (4) informational sessions include:

  • 1st – The ins and outs of the College Recruiting Process and the Clearinghouse
  • 2nd – Budgeting and Financial Planning for parents
  • 3rd NCAA Academic Rules and Regulations
  • 4th – FAFSA, Pell Grants and other available Scholarships