Academic Requirements & Opportunities

Transcript Review (Mandatory)

This is a very important requirement for all i-DareU high school student-athletes.

At registration athletes must submit a complete school grade report (transcript). This will allow us to create an Academic Scorecard

that shows your academic eligibility to receive an athletic scholarship. The mandatory review must take place during your first 30 days of participation.

Academic Tutoring (Optional)

To further support our athletes’ academic development, we provide professional tutoring in math and reading related subjects.

While our optional academic offerings have an additional fee, your membership with i-DareU allows you to receive these services at a substantial 50% discount.

We strongly recommend that families take advantage of these services

ACT Prep Class

While these classes are optional, we strongly recommend that all sophomores, juniors, and seniors participate in the very effective 6-week, weekend course.

Effective professional preparatory instruction is key to ACT success.

A qualifying score on one of the test is required for NCAA eligibility and college admission.

The cost is only $225 compared to $400+ for similar courses. The ACT course is open to the public.

Our education partner company also provides discounted individual instruction for i-DareU students.

George Wilson is the contact person at or 770-778-3119.