Competitive Camps are highly encouraged so that your athlete gain the necessary exposure with recruitment. We train 26 weeks a year, and as a group, we compete, showcase our skills against the masses. As part of our motto, hard work pays off, and we have proven 90% of our committal offers comes from camps. This is our benchmark, and participation is KEY!

College Tours

College Tours are a crucial part of the decision making process in determining which college to attend. Although many of our student athletes are familiar with local colleges/universities; our college tour helps to expand their geographic reach and give them choices that they may not have considered before. Tours also help to strengthen our network of college coaches and educators who aren’t as familiar with our program so that we can provide greater options for our kids.

Both are additional fees paid by the parent, and not associated with the monthly fee to i-DareU. The cost for each vary; however we will provide the necessary information needed to schedule adequately.

2017 Summer Football Camps

Date(s)CollegeCamp NameRegistration
6/2Bobby Lamb Super Elite CampLink
6/11 - 6/13Mike Ayers Team CampLink
6/3 - 6/4Georgia Tech Football Day CampLink
6/3 - 6/15Dabo Swinney Football CampsLink
6/9 - 6/18Bobby Petrino Football CampsLink
6/3 - 7/16Valdosta State Blazers Football CampsLink
6/3 - 6/17Shawn Elliott Football CampsLink
6/12 - 6/21Vanderbilt Football CampsLink
6/2 - 7/15Coach Dave Clawson Football CampsLink
6/22 - 6/24Navy Sports Football CampLink
6/1 - 6/15Kirby Smart Football CampsLink
6/5 - 6/17Ohio State Football CampLink
6/8 - 6/14Larry Fedora Football CampsLink
6/9 - 6/24Dave Doeren Football CampsLink
6/2 - 6/22Nick Saban Football CampsLink
6/5 - 6/25Auburn Football CampsLink
6/15 - 6/16Fighting Illini Football Summer CampsLink
6/10 - 6/18Charlie Strong USF Football CampLink
6/3 - 6/24UCF Football Summer CampsLink
6/10 - 6/17Duke University Football CampsLink
6/10 - 6/22Southern Miss Football Elite CampsLink
6/8 - 7/27Bill Clark Football CampsLink
6/6 - 6/21Philip Montgomery Football CampsLink
6/4 - 7/28Appalachian State University Football CampsLink
6/10 - 6/17Brad Lambert Football CampsLink
6/2 - 7/22Neal Brown Football CampsLink
6/19 - 7/22West Virginia Football CampsLink
6/3 - 7/16Coach Stockstill CampsLink
6/2 - 7/22Jim McElwain Football CampsLink