i-DareU To Be Great!

Since 2006, i-DareU has developed and trained the most exceptional young men to accomplish their dreams of getting full scholarships to go to college. The program has mentored 200 scholar athletes to seek higher education at the collegiate level and further encourages younger participants to stay in school and obtain a high school diploma. This represents over $30M in scholarship dollars!!!!


i-DareU seeks to transform the lives of young people by providing them with disciplined training and a strong support system that affords them the social, academic and economic (career) tools that are needed to go to college and be successful in life.

Our Mission

i-DareU serves as the premiere training and development organization, assisting young people who desire to go to college the opportunity to achieve their goal by earning an athletic scholarship through academics, skill development, hard work, dedication and commitment.

Our Purpose

i-DareU’s purpose is to help young people stay on track, graduate and go to college. We accomplish this through multiple years of sports training, educational counseling, life skills building and mentorship. Our coaches and counselors have trusted relationships with our young men and are there with them through their accomplishments and any inevitable bumps in the road.

i-DareU provides more than just short-term solutions; our young men are making behavioral changes that have long lasting effects on their lives. Our programs are designed for real change on a broader scale—through development of an elite recruiting process; academic excellence in core classes with improved ACT/SAT scores; and development of a well-rounded, successful individual.